In collaboration with education experts, development of mobile apps for children to improve their skills in math, literacy, and foreign languages


Initiation to new technologies and coding – Scratch, 3D printing, Internet of things – through interactive and prototyping activities


Involvement of parents (even illiterate) in the education of their children through follow-up and advisement with education agents


Collection of data to track learning progress directly in the apps


Certification of tutors on the mJangale curriculum and pedagogy developed in collaboration with tech and education experts


Développement d’applications mobiles sur les mathématiques, la lecture et les langues étrangères en collaboration avec des experts en éducation.

Initiation aux technologies

Initiation aux nouvelles technologies et à l’informatique – Scratch, impression 3D, Internet des objets – par le biais d’activités interactives et de prototypage.


Implication des parents (même analphabètes) dans l’éducation de leurs enfants grâce à un suivi et des conseils fournis par des agents d’éducation.


Collecte des données directement dans les applications mobiles pour suivre les progrès des enfants.


Certification des formateurs sur le curriculum et la pédagogie mJangale développés en collaboration avec des experts en technologie et éducation.


Bonjour idée

Prix Spécial Afrique, April 2016

Fulbright Conference

Presentation in Atlanta, November 2015

mEducation Alliance

Pitch in Washington DC, October 2015

No Limits for a Young World

Finalist presentation at Lille, France, October 2015

Reach for Change & Tigo

Part of the 2-month accelerator program at Dakar, Senegal; August – October 2015

American Express Emerging Innovators

Participated in boot camp at Dakar, Senegal, August 2015

Forum Mondial de la Langue Française

Presentation at Liège, Belgium, July 2015

Conférence Fulbright

Présentation à Atlanta, États-Unis; novembre 2015

mEducation Alliance

Pitch à Washington DC, Etats-Unis; octobre 2015

No Limits for a Young World

Parmi les 10 finalistes. Présentation à Lille, France; octobre 2015

Reach for Change & Tigo

Programme d’accélérateur de 2 mois à Dakar, Sénégal; août – octobre 2015

American Express Emerging Innovators

Participation au boot camp à Dakar, Sénégal; août 2015

Forum Mondial de la Langue Française

Présentation à Liège, Belgique; juillet 2015

About Us

mJangale is an after-school program that leverages mobile apps to improve the skills of children in literacy, numeracy, and foreign languages. It introduces children to new technologies through interactive activities, prototyping and programming. mJangale is developed by SenMobile, a startup established in Senegal specialized in SMS services and mobile applications for developing markets in education, health, sport and financial awareness.

The mJangale team is composed of motivated individuals with skills in mobile development and education. Developers come from Senegal and the US. They are trained in using the latest technologies and practices of the software industry. Educators are from Senegal and specialists on the Senegalese curriculum. We are currently establishing a team of tutors who will focus on our methodology and pedagogy.